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Fashion Trends of the Week

March 1, 2017, by Leigh Rudd


Drawing by Brittany Morganti

Looking for a grand entrance knock-em-dead outfit? One that‘s within budget? How about a vintage and fabulous COCKTAIL HAT to wear with jeans. Upgrade your jeans and take them anywhere. Work, parties, art gallery openings. Budget under $50.  You can find them in any thrift shop that includes vintage clothes. Let me know if you need names. Or buy them online where there are several places you can buy them.

I could always rely on my cocktail hats to create a stir wherever I went. And – best of all – it was inexpensive and unique. I felt confident that my look was always different and amusing. My attitude is that – when in doubt – go for entertainment.


Polka Dot Salsa Dress with asymmetrical tulle hem ruffle
The JP initials on the drawing above are for Jordan Parker, my alter-ego fashion forecaster. Drawing is by Brittany Morganti.

Example: Salsa skirts and dresses are smoking hot sensuality! They are all about LATINO DANCE TRENDS: Salsa, samba, rhumba, tango. Enjoy the skirt movement with lots of action at the hem … asymmetrical hems, high slits, tiers and ruffles; fabric combinations of tulle, taffeta and rayon. Wear them with dance shoes.

AND THE SHOES ARE IMPORTANT: Strappy, solid heel for dancing, sexy turn-of-ankle. From: Light in the Box


Latin Dance Skirts Women’s Training Viscose Natural


Latin Dance Dresses Women’s Performance Spandex Draped 1 Piece Latin Dance / Samba Dress



These bags are a must-have in your wardrobe… in unexpected colors… bright pink and hunter green; sunflower yellow and neon green; black and neon pink. Note: These are originals and are not available at retail. But… I am thinking of manufacturing a few because I believe in them. Whether you are the mom of a baby… a beach girl… a Soul Cycle fan… or an executive… these bags make perfect carry-alls for sneakers, wet diapers, work-out duds, sketchpads… or even a work bag. Once again they are unique and can pick up a plain black suit like crazy.


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