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March 28, 2017, by Leigh Rudd Even now my mind is going a million miles an hour thinking about cultural and fashion trends. They just pop into my head. And it is anxiety-provoking. Sometimes I just have to hug my Teddy Bear around, just to ground myself. His name is Skylar and I take him everywhere. How do you calm…

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About Leigh Rudd, Fashion Sharks, Musings, Swinging Sixties

My Girl Jordan

March 27, 2017, by Leigh Rudd Ever since I can remember I have written stories. And my main character has always been ‘Jordan Parker’. She has been (as my literary character) everything from a floozy in Hollywood, to a teenage wild child in London, to a multi-dimensional fashion forecaster in a TV Pilot. So I’ve thought about Jordan all my…

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VIDEO: 20th CENTURY STYLE ICONS: Bobbie Gentry by The Ultimate Fashion History

March 16, 2017, by Leigh Rudd Amanda Hallay Writer, Fashion Historian, College Professor and Cultural Trend Analyst I kid you not. Amanda is undoubtedly one of the most prolifically talented women I have ever met.  She is a brilliant analyst of cultural trends and how they relate to fashion throughout history.  Having lived in England and Paris, Amanda now resides…

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